What is Machine Vision ?

October 27, 2016

Machine vision systems are devices that capture and analyse visual information, and are used to automate tasks that require “seeing”. The eye is one of the most important organs of the human body and our skills greatly depend on our ability to see, recognise and distinguish objects and to estimate distances. Most jobs depend on our ability of visual perception. As amazing as the human sense of vision may be, we must acknowledge that today’s production technologies more and more often extend well beyond the limits of human visual capacities. This is where machine vision technology comes in.

Machine vision does not mean graphics or design: instead, it concerns the technology of artificial vision. Cameras and computers give machines or devices the ability to actually “see”, to recognise objects or situations and to make the right decisions accordingly. Machine vision refers the industrial application of vision technology. It describes the understanding and interpretation of technically obtained images for controlling production processes. It has evolved into one of the key technologies in industrial automation, which is used in virtually all manufacturing industries.

General Block diagram of a machine vision system is given below.



The images taken by the camera will be send to the processor where the artificial intelligence software is running. The system will process the image and take the decision according to the quality requirements. The bad part will be ejected from the production line using a  ejector

A vision system consists of  both hardware and software . The hardware module consists of



The software consists of  two modules

  • Core Image Processing  : This is the brain of the system. This will take the images, extract color, edge , geometric features to check whether the part under inspection is  good or bad
  • Human Machine Interface/GUI : Helps the operator to interact with the whole system. The operator can calibrate, adjust features etc using HMI module

The software will also communicates with PLC’s or the MES system of the company