Online Extruded Tyre Profilometer

October 27, 2016

is a measuring instrument used to measure a surface’s profile.

Tire Tread extrusions can be no more precise than the dies used to make them. When a new die is cut it should be well-centered, so the Operator has the flexibility to optimize the extruder set-up. After some time in service, die wear can be uneven so that certain areas along the profile get excessive rubber flow. This is a very costly waste of raw materials. Unbalanced flow can also disrupt the symmetry of the tread – a factor that influences cured tire uniformity and balance.

The customer, which is one of the biggest tyre manufacturing company in India approached us for  an online inspection system for the profile and thickness measurement. The system has to install in the existing extruded line which is moving at a speed of 20m per minute.

We came up with a novel extruded tyre profile and thickness gauging machine. It is the first indigenous machine for extruded tire sheet that is designed and developed in India.