Automating Intelligence


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we have a state-of-the art robotics lab with TAL BRABO and EPSON SCARA for the development of solutions for manufacturing industries. our research includes robotic vision, 3D-SLAM, visual servoing and assembly robots. We are working on robots that can be controlled by gesture and speech

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Machine Vision

drishtiMan™ is our range of machine vision systems which is used in automotive, tire, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and packaging industries. This can be used for dimension measuring, code reading, defect detection, surface inspection, sorting and robotic vision

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Video Analytics

We have developed a machine learning platform for video analytics application . We developed human detection, gender recognition, people counter and business analytics applications. We are extending our research in deep learning to come up with new framework for video analytics to reduce the false positives

Medical Imaging

we are working in virtual holography and computer aided diagnosis using our deep learning platforms.

Castalia research labs was founded in 2014 by a group of technocrats with more than 10+ years of experience in image processing, computer vision, optics and machine learning technologies in both India and abroad. We have a group of dedicated professionals comprised of engineers and management graduates which is a great value addition for the company